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Life is a Gift, Happiness is your choice

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For Whom

DHF membership restricts to employees of DS and it’s auxiliary Companies.

Aims & Objectives

DHF will follow values of the company and will be a part of the company. Dotsquares may be requested for financial contribution, but not obligatory. It will be self sustaining organization through contribution from employees and depending upon the projects can be asked contribution from outside.

Primary Objectives

The efforts will be in the direction for each member to remain Happy through inspiration, motivation and positive possibilities in their lives.

Secondary Objective

01. DHF members would expand Happiness for their family members and community/society around them.

02. DHF may undertake activities of sharing, encouraging, helping to the needy ones of any creed and caste may be our own members (charity begins at home) in the form of advice, physical & financial help, as well in the form of food, shelter, Clothes, medicines etc.


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Rationale of the DHF formation: Why this initiative?

Happy people are positive and nicer people.

Happiness is not just a personal issue; it is a matter of Global health, economy & wellbeing.

International Happiness Day-20th March

(Declared by UNO after decade of research)

01. Happy people have fulfilling life in married or otherwise.

02. Happy people are more friendly & better inter personal relations.

03. Happy people are healthier and suffer less and recover faster in case of disease.

04. Happy people are more caring and well of.

Fortunately research suggests that happiness is something can be cultivated & new branch of Psychology “Positive Psychology” is working on this. The good news is that our actions and choices can affect our happiness. It has less to do with our money & possessions.

Happiness is central and pivotal in our lives.

DHF-JOY POUR-28-May-2016

Children Happiness-1st July 2016

Meet our Team

Steering Committee Members


Mr. Omkar Singh


Mr. Rahul Verma


Ms. Sonika Talwar


Dr. Harish Chandra



Mr. Varun Gattani

Funds Manager


Mr. Deepak Chawla


Team of Happpiness Action Programme

Team Leader Name Member-1 Member-2 Member-3
Ishan Ojha Deepika Bhansali Mahendra Yadav Ashish Joshi
Tarun Arora Govind Sharma Anamika Shrivastava Aastha Varshneya
Navnit Kumar Rajveer Singh Jhala Nitin Pathani Veenu Chug
Arvind Bhambani Peeyush Agarwal Sachin Pareek  
Rahul Verma Trilok Saini Manoj Kumawat Neelima Saxena
Pankaj Tahlani Arjun Vyas Sunil Kumar Choudhary Akshit Bhandari
Ashish Mantri Ajay Gupta Pushpendra Singh Saurabh Agarwal
Ravi Santlani Sushil Kumar Meenal Singh Khushboo Bhardwaj

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